Friday, June 09, 2006

Conservation Boom

I've been reading about some of the insanity going on with the present energy boom going on in the Mountain West. For the most part, the increased price for energy and other resources is good western economies as it means that resource providers are getting a good price for their material they extract and their efforts. Unfortunately, the boom and bust cycles in resource extraction are creating unnecessary pollution and environmental conserns.

A very minor spike in gas prices causes insanity.

This cycle where we throw too many resources into production during the upswing of a boom magnifies the depths of the upcoming energy bust while leaving future generations with a heavy clean up bill. Now is when we need political leadership that cautions resource extraction to go slowly. Instead we seem to have political leadership that simply reacts to trends, but fails to lead.

So many of the resources that we are rushing into the market today will not come online until the upcoming energy bust. The fact taht we rushed the development, means excessive pollution from the development.

We do not need politicians to rush more resources on line at the moment. What the public needs at this moment is a conservation boom, not an energy boom.

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