Monday, January 23, 2006

Linking Venues

One of the areas I want to concentrate on in the upcoming year is on cataloging, photographing and linking venues in town.

There is a nice symbiotic relation between my photo gallery and community calendars. Events generally take place in a venue. It is natural to link photographs of a venue with a calendar. For example, here I've created a link page between the events taking place at the Denver Civic Center and photos of the area.

Most of the pictures I have came from my old DC240 Zoom Camera. All of the pictures I have are of the outside of buildings. Now that I have a professional quality camera, I hope that I can get invited to venues to take pictures of their facilities.

I have to admit, I would also love to have groups in town use my community calendar ... rather than their own calendar for events.

My current thought for monetizing the calendars is with the store of the day feature. Everyday of the year highlights a different store. So far, the store of a day hasn't caught on.

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