Monday, January 16, 2006

Fort Collins

I restarted the process of adding pictures of Fort Collins. I took these pictures with my old camera, but had a lot of problems adding them to my site. One big problem is that my web host keeps changing the IP of the database. The site was taking 5 seconds to access the database. I found a different IP to use in the connection, and now the site is behaving well again.

Anyway, this is the second go at labeling this set of photos. It takes longer to label photos than to take the pictures. One big problem. I can't find my notes ... so a lot of the photos just get the label some "building at CSU". The other problem. This is the trip when my camera broke. The photo element is loose and crooked. The pictures are all kind of slanted. There is also a little bit of a fish eyed lens effects with each of the photos.

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