Monday, January 30, 2006


I am getting an uptick in clicks to the Winter Games page that I made for the 2002 games. The page had neglible traffic during the Utah games. It would be amusing if it got traffic during Torino.

The really bizarre thing about the Internet is that you rarely get traffic for the item you designed the page for. Perhaps the best way to design a page is to build it. Analyze the inbound traffic, then change the content of page to be something worthwhile for that inbound traffic. I will spend a little bit of time trying to make sure I have a good set of links on that page.

You know, I was hoping to be beyond just creating links and transform into the business of creating compelling content by now. Tant pis.

Actually, the primary reason I created a Salt Lake Directory was because I thought the world might be interested in Salt Lake due to the Winter Games. I would have been better off financially if I had stayed up in Missoula before I was lured down to Salt Lake for the games.

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