Monday, January 09, 2006

First Post of the Year

I haven't posted a blog item for awhile.

Let's see, for Christmas, I got a cold. Rather than the "Happy Holiday" v. "Christmas" debate, I think the pundits should discuss this whole Santa Claus thing. Here is a guy who travels to all the houses of the world (regardless of whether people are sick or healthy.) He slobbers all over a glass of milk and cookies, and then puts his germs on all sorts of presents that he puts under a tree.

The guy is a health menace. He does worse than an international airport at spreading disease.

Think of it. All those presents being packaged by dirty little elves who probably haven't been trained in proper handwashing techiques ... it's freightening.

Rather than this "Christmas" v. "Happy Holidays" debate, the health department should be condeming Santa as a disease vector.

Speaking of germs everywhere ...

... I download several episodes of the show Monk from iTunes (click here for download). Monk is an obsessive-compulsive detective (the defective detective). His problem is that he sees and remembers everything and has a knack of piecing together mysteries in rather interesting ways.

The show is on USA network ... so you only get to see it if you subscribe to the rest of the garbage on cable. I am happy that both iTunes and Google are starting to make past episodes of TV shows available online.

The price at iTunes is a $1.99 a show (sitting on the upper side of what I would consider reasonable.) MovieLink came has a few programs to download. The shows they had were in the $5 range.

I am happy that the movie and TV Show downloading industry is growing. I hope that more players than just MovieLink, iTunes and Google join this market and that we some day see real price competition in the download industry.

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