Monday, January 24, 2005

More on Locations

I will be spending the rest of the day writing up descriptions for locations. The biggest challenge I have is figuring out what to do with shared locations. For example, The Great Salt Lake is a location that is of interest to Tooele, Ogden and Salt Lake. It is not of interest to other communities like Moab.

I will probably end up having to break out the location into a complex join. It might be nice to have events for a shared location to show up in all of the calendars interested in the location. However, it is possible that an event taking place in the Wasatch Mountains near Heber is not of interest to people in Ogden.

As for paying for the site. My "if you build it they will come" attitude hasn't worked yet. So, I decided that I need to design programs with a goal. So, my goal is that I will display the location page 200,000 times a year. I made a summary page with a hit counter to track progress.

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