Friday, January 07, 2005

Craig's List

Looks like Craig's list has expanded to Salt Lake. In just a few months they've dwarfed the user base of Salt Lake Sites.

It is funny reading through Utah related web boards. About one out of every ten posts contain a version of the phrase "If you don't like it; Leave!"

So, to partake in the craigs list phenomena, I decided to post a rant about the phrase. Hmmm, I wonder if people will recognize that it is a parody.

If you don't like it....

Apparently Craig's List only keeps things for 45 days. So, I also post it here:

I would like to nominate the phrase "if you don't like it; MOVE!" as the Utah State Motto.

I've found it to be one of the most commonly used sentences in the Utahn phrase book. I see it has already appeared in several messages on this board.

The phrase seems to come up in just about every conversation regardless of whether our not the topic is negative or positive about the state. It is most often used in the sentence:

"If you don't want to convert to my religion; MOVE!"

There a whole army of cheap white shirt, cheap drab pants, cheap tie clad, strange underwear clad young men on bicycles dedicated to knocking on people's doors, then telling them various versions of "if you don't like it move."

Generally the person saying the phrase is substantially more negative about life than the person being beating over the head with it.

The variation of the phrase that I like to use is: "Utah is an incredibly beautiful state with wildlands that deserve protection. If you don't like it; MOVE!"

Think about it. Utah politicians will drone on for hours about how Delaware is a better place to live because Delaware has almost no public lands. Well, if the Grand County Commission prefers Delaware to arguably the most beautiful scenery on earth, why don't they pack up their ugly fat arses and move?

It seems strange that the large culture that hates the natural beauty of this state keep telling the people who love the natural beauty of Utah to leave. Why don't they leave?

Public lands and wild lands and scenery are pretty much the only thing this little state has going for it. I like the land in Utah and have learned to ignore the people and have retained some sanity.

The phrase is thrown at me so often, I can't help but want to start using my version of it something...hence this post.

BTW: If you don't think this should be the state motto. MOVE!!!!!

If you are new to the area: Welcome to Salt Lake...Now, go away.


Anonymous said...

I did not like it so I moved! Now I can have wine delived to my house.... hell I can even buy a bottle at Albertsons. Don't get me wrong.... the Mo's are a nice bunch. It is not like they will shoot you in the head with a .22 when you sleep if they think they can get away with it..... Well almost never ;-)

Boise Bill

y-intercept said...

I know a Bill in Boise.

Boise looks like a great town. I have a niece and nephew living in Boise.

I have to admit. I've been trying to figure out how to leave Salt Lake as well. I love the location of Utah. The desert and mountains can't be beat. I just simply can't stand the culture. The inherent dishonesty and quackery that dominates the business climate in Salt Lake makes it a horrible place to work.

Still, it seems wrong to me. The myth of the local culture is that Utah is a land of exile...a horrible barren waste. You talk to Utahns, they hate the place they live. Yet, they keep telling others to leave.

It seems better in the long run that the people who love to live in this little mountain paradise should be the ones that stay. The ones who believe that Utah is a barren waste land should go to California where they would be happy.