Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy New Years!

(To be politically correct, I apologize to all indigenous cultures that I am oppressing by forcing my concept of the western calendar on their unwitting souls. I also apologize for saying the word soul which itself is yet another attempt to oppress indigenous cultures by forcing the Judeo/Christian concepts on their culture.)

Now then, lets see if I am ready for New Years. I have a bag of tositos chips, a bowl of tosito brand salsa. I have a couple of Polygamous Porter beers in the fridge (You can't drink just one, you know). Wait a second, I need to wear something red. Somebody, give me something red!!!! No, spilling Tostito brand salsa on my shirt does not count.

Okay, now it looks like I am ready for the corporate branded Tosito Fiesta Bowl which should start sometime around 6:30 pm.

Again Happy New Year...with my apologies for my oppressive presumption that happiness is the goal of life.

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