Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Everything is Breaking

Everything seems to be breaking. DNS problems have been causing my web sites to disappear. The head of my Panasonic electric razor broke. The mouse on my computer flips out on a regular basis.

Even the puppy is broken!!!! Poor little Coco has developed a limp from running too fast. The doggie doctor said that we shouldn't take Coco on a walk for a week to let her paw heal. A whole weak without a walk!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is going insane.

I ordered a new razor head. The part cost as much as new razor. I had been hoping that the internet would make thinks like ordering replacement parts easier. It took a great deal of searching for a place carrying parts. The replacement head for my $40 razor cost $41.

I ordered a new mouse from Overstock. The mouse Overstock sent was broken out of the box!!!! I've heard other complaints about the Big O sending out broken parts. Judging from the packaging, the mouse has been shipped and returned mulitple times. I suspect that several others didn't like this particular mouse...because it is broken.

After I go through the hassles of returning the broken mouse, they will probably just send it off to another schmuck...until they finally find someone to busy to return it.

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