Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Credit Reports

There is a new service that lets people check their credit report online for free (See FTC for details). The site www.AnnualCreditReport.com lets people check their credit once a year for free. The program will have a gradual rollout. Folks in the west can start using the service in December...Folks out east have to wait a month or so (ha, ha).

Credit bureaus are scary things. These companies keep a great deal of information on us. For a long time they kept the information a big secret. In recent years, they've been allowing people to check their records. Personally, I think this openess is the best path.

Anyway, I just checked the ole credit report. For some odd reason, the credit reports just showed a big fat clown laughing and stamping papers with a "NO" stamp...Well, my report was accurate. I certainly wouldn't lend myself money.

Several of the reports had minor mistakes.

Now that there is a free service, hopefully equifax and others will start dropping the cost of their premium services. I like the premium credit watch service since it will inform me if anyone ever tries to applie for a credit in my name.

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Anonymous said...

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