Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Denver Homestead

For this last week, I've been staying at the Homestead Hotel across the freeway from the Denver Techinical Center.

I am staying here because they have an internet connection. Of course, I did not look close enough at the offer, and did not realize I needed a WiFi card to access the net. anyway, I bought a LinkSys card and am now wireless.

Sadly, I am discovering that my Compaq 1692 Laptop is at the end of its life. The hard disk is suffering bad sectors, the slider mouse thingy is dead and shorted out. It randomly clicks on things. I've worn the letters off many keys (c,n,m,s,d and enter) and the down arrow key is broken. Weirdest of all, when the computer heats up, it freezes. I have to put the computer in the fridge so that I can boot!

My WiFi connection seems slow. It is choppier than a phone line. On the plus side, I had deleted all of my data from this computer; so I am not all that worried about the security of the wifi connection.

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