Friday, November 05, 2004

Novel Work

I have not forgotten my committment to the November is Novel Writing Month program.

Many things happened at the beginning of the month: First, I got caught up in election fever. Yes, I am one of those stat addicts that had to watch the poll numbers come in. Personally, I thought Kerry would win...which is why I voted for Bush. Now that I see the result, I wish I had voted the other way. Especially since Bush is trying to say the election gives him an arch-conservative mandate.

As for the novel. Well, this is a long story. I posted the Ghost of Alma Matterson on just as a temporary arrangement. My intention was to evolve into a major literary resource. However, ad rates showed me the project was doomed to failure; so I let both the novel and the site languish.

Anyway, before starting Novel Writing Month, I thought I should start reviving IT WAS A COMPLETE PAIN IN THE TUSH I TELL YOU. I had all sorts of annoying little programming glitches attack me while moving the site.

Regardless, I will be moving chapter by chapter to (doing a edit and building a character database en route.

Anyway, sorry for the delay.

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