Monday, November 15, 2004

Dog Eat Dog

I am sad to see Colin Powell leave. The big fear of the world is that Bush will interpret the 2004 election as a right wing mandate and push moderates aside.

Personally, I don't hold with the assessment that the United States is an arch conservative country. It seems to me that the liberal community is split between the classical liberals and what I've been thinking of calling the "world-view" liberal. The classical liberal values liberty first and foremost. They tend to libertarianism. The world view liberal pretends to be in touch with the world spirit and sees the world going through thesis-antithesis conflicts. As such, they tend to see people not as individual units but members of classes, and tend to promote big government.

The US was founded pretty much with the classical liberal view. During the Reagan Administration, the classical liberals had flocked to the Republican Party hoping that it would preserve this classical tradition.

The Bush Clan is more of the true liberal. I suspect that the classical liberals will be systematically driven from the Republican Party by the religious right and true conservative elements like the Bush family. It will be sad to see the Republican party stripped of its moderates as we will be left with a two party system with a right wing Republican Party leaning toward Fascist ideals, and a left wing Democratic Party leaning toward socialism.

Pet Feeder - Dog
On a lighter note. This is a strange product for a dog eat dog world. It is a dog feeding system in the shape of a dog. Does this in fact promote dog cannibalism, or is it just a cute toy for dog lovers. The thing costs $219.00!!!!

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