Thursday, November 11, 2004

At the Pearly Gates

Yasser Arafat enters through the Pearly Gates. He looks around at the angels playing their harps. Fairies dance before Yasser throwing rose petals at his feet.

The roads are made of silver and the buildings of a glittering crytals. Yasser himself is wearing the finest silk clothing with golden trim.

Everyone is happy and everything is beautiful.

Yasser chuckled to himself: "So after all of those years of dirty political deeds, rampant corruption, lies and the brutality of terrorism...I still land myself a spot in heaven!"

As Mr. Arafat gleams with his good fortune.

Yasser sees people approaching and gathering around him. Yasser recognizes the faces. He sees the adoring face of his mother and father. He sees adulation in the eyes of the many children who martyred themselves for his power and cause.

Yasser sighs "Allah is truly great!" The friends, family and adoring admirers gather closer around the great leader.

Just then the bomb that Satan had placed in Yasser's backpack explodes....

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