Monday, November 01, 2004

Count Down to Defeat

America will lose this one. We just don't which way we are going to lose yet. Quite frankly, I don't mind Bush that is his father and the Straussian inner core of the Republican party that I fear most. Kerry and Edwards tie everything I dislike about the Democrats in one bundle. I am hoping that GW loses the popular vote but squeaks by in a contested election, and that the parties do a better job of giving us candidates in 2008.

Sadly, the national election is drowning out local elections. Last year at this time, people were crawling all over Salt Lake Sites trying to get at news about local candidates. This year, it seems that the local candidates are taking a back seat to bin Ladin's national election. This preoccupation with world events is just what bin Laden wants to see in the world. By pushing for the invasion of Iraq, Bush is vindicating the theory at the foundation of modern terrorism.

Give a thug a box cutter, remove his concience and you can move the world. This is like Shakespeare's my kingdom for a horse. The word to describe the destroying of the World Trade Center is "praxis." The purpose of a praxis is to put a conflict in the center of the world stage. American loses this election because both candidates have made the praxis and resulting wars the focal point of existence.

The way to win against terrorism is to reject the praxis in the first place. Ridding Afghanistan of the Taliban was the correct action. The second action should have been to work on reforming the UN so that the world would have an organization that could remove Saddam Hussein and other menaces from office.

Instead, we proved that you cannot shock and awe a country into freedom.

We are lefting voting according to which candidate we fear the least. I fear Bush a little less than Kerry. I hope history correctly holds Bush I and II among the worst presidents to ever serve the United States.

My concern is that, while the politicians are focusing our attention to the world stage, the rogues will gain power and rape the land locally.

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