Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Ogden City

I am finally getting around to labeling the pictures I took of Ogden, Utah. Ogden is a hearty little town. Apparently, though, there is not much happiness in the Historic 25th street district. The problem with community development projects is that nasty political vampires are often able to use our higher instincts of community buidling to get their teeth sucked into the veins of the community. As an outsider, I believe that we need to work on revitalizing our central business districts. However, when looking at the politics of things like the Ogden Historic 25th Street district, I understand the instinct to run and stay as far away from the politicians as possible.

Speaking of politics, I watched the Cheney/Edwards debate. Man, that Edwards character is one nasty beast. He did a good a job reminding me why I detest the Democratic Party. Each election, I feel like we have a choice between the worst part of the Republican and the worst part of the Democratic Parties.

Let's look at recent history. Clinton had a historic opportunity to put the US on a solid economic footing. The only reason we had a decrease in the increase of the deficit during Clinton's reign was because the economy grew faster than expected. The budget surplus was a myth...the supposed Clinton surplus was based on a projection that if the US economy continued to grow at an unsupportable rate, we would have a balanced budget in the future. According to the treasury, there was not a single year during the Clinton Administration where the budget actually decreased.

Cheney at least came off as human. Edwards came off as a spiteful attack dog.

This ongoing Democrat/Republic thing is killing the US. Neither party deserve an ounce of support.

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