Thursday, October 21, 2004

Novel Writing Month

Blogger announced that November is Novel Writing Month and is inviting bloggers to write their great American Novel online and to participate in the Na-No-Blog-Mo program. Hmmm, maybe I should use this to inspire me to finish The Ghost of Alma Matterson. I left the poor characters hanging for too long. I need to finish them off.

I don't know if they accept half written novels. I don't think the chronological blog format is the ideal mechanism for publishing a novel. So, I will leave my text on my own web site. If I am breaking too many rules...who cares. I don't.

I was wanting to finish a data enabled novel writing program. The program would record where and when each of the characters appeared so that I could use the database structure to assure linear integrity to the work. I guess I also have a novel with zero chances of getting published hanging out with the rest of my zero chance of getting published works.

I will follow the writing of the novel with the blog. I might make the code and structure of the database available.

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