Sunday, October 10, 2004

Arches National Park

I've started the process of labeling my photos from Arches National Park. The is so much incredibly good photography from the area, I wonder if my snapshots of the west project is actually doing anything except adding to internet clutter. Shouldn't I just be linking to professional photographers?

When I think about it, though, the goal of my project is not to provide the best photography, it is simply to show people what exists in this world around us. Professional photographers have many imaginative and creative shots. Such artistry is about the photographer's skill level and not the subject.

Arches is a National Park that is absolutely run over with people. There was close to 50 people standing around waiting to take pictures of Delicate Arch with the full moon when I was visiting last month. For that reason, I think my low resolution snap shots with crowded parking lots, crowded trails have an interesting authenticity.

I try to imagine myself competing with the art crowd trying to say why my photo of Landscape Arch is this compared to that...and I just don't see it. The main thing I want to encourage is for people to open their own mind and to see the beauty in the land...and what we are doing to this world as we trammel over it with our HumVees, and extreme sports.

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