Saturday, October 09, 2004

Failure Statistics

It's probably a mistake, but I added a stats overview to the community web sites. The program shows hits by category. For example, the Grand Junction stats page shows 81896 total page views of the category in the site's history. There's been 5629 page views since 9/11/2004 (which is the second to last time I buffered the statistics).

I also made a summary page which shows the totals by community. That way I can guage which communities are getting traffic and which are floundering.

Of course, the problem with showing your statistics is you don't know if people will see these as success stats of failure states.

The next stats project is to show referrals. I don't know if I want to make a full statistics package or just a quick referral summary. I am inclined to making a large stats program. Unfortunately, I would have to buy more disk space to record the data. The sites only return $400 a month and I can't afford the cost of the extra disk space, nor could I afford the cost of putting up my own machine.

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