Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Yesterday, we had a fierce winter storm (fierce enough that I decided to forego the festivities of ritual midnight tax return mailing) it is so nice that it should be illegal. Weather in Utah is always a hoot.

Neff Creek (behind our house) has started to flow when it rains. While on a walk, I discovered that someone had done some illegal dumping of dirt in an empty lot several blocks above our house. The dirt washed away, and has effectively clogged all the storm drains in his neighborhood. The city now has an expensive drain repair project to complete.

The reason that Neff Creek is flowing is because the rain water from this neighborhood flows down to a cross over piple into Neff Creek. Neff Creek isn't rated to take the run off from both Neff Creek canyon and this if we were in a flood year, the clogged drains could cause serious damage.

It is amazing that people fail to realize that if you put a big pile of loose dirt on a slope that the pile of dirt will erode.

A few years ago, I came across a construction project where they were dumping excess tar into a storm drain. The idiocacy of some people is astounding.

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