Friday, April 11, 2003

Alas, the new Cuisinart Coffee machine is dead again. The little computer won't respond to commands. We got about five pots from the fool thang then it died. Why is there a friggin' computer on a coffee machine anyway? I prefer the old mechanical style with a physical on/off switch. A computer is a thing that breaks and can't be fixed.

Speaking of broken, I ran scandisk and got two more bad clusters, so it's official ... this computer is at the end of its days.

I got an email from SEO Chat saying Google is dancing...but I checked Salt Lake is still in the high 200s. I did all sorts of nice things for Google last month. I made all my URLs shorter and added juicy sections of public service links, and what do I even lower rating.

Yahoo is being nice to me, and has Salt Lake Sites on page one. Hooray for Yahoo!!!

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