Tuesday, April 01, 2003

I thought I would whip up a short outline for the Rich Theory idea a few days ago. Three days later, the half day project isn't completed. I appear to be getting slower, slower and slower.

Rich Theory really is just a brain fart about about a better way to present the concepts of large sets, power sets and the introduction of transfinite theory to students in lieu of the bug ridden diagonal method. It is something that I spent entirely too much time on.

I admit, I had toyed with the idea of sending this draft out to schools to see if it would be of any interest. The problem, of course, is that the article really isn't aimed at the academic mathematician. The problem is that transfinite theory as it is presented in most introductory texts has a major bug, and it ends up creating a great deal of confusion.

This Rich Theory outline ins't meant as a completed paper, but as an outline that textbooks writers could use to expand into a better introduction to the theory.

I still need to add some stuff about ordering sets and multiple dimensions, then I will call the project half-assed.

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