Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Talk about obnoxious design. I wanted to see if a friend still had an AIM account. Anyway, I went to load AIM. The program said I had to upgrade. Yeah, Yeah, I knew it would do slimy things like start loading AIM on startup...I knew how to turn that feature off. Well, the new AIM now attaches itself to Microsoft Outlook and has some type of hook into internet explorer.

To be even slimier, the program loads an ad page. That means I have to wait for thirty seconds to load then close a piece of garbage software by AOL. This is my punishment for loading the program. I knew I was making a mistake. Now I have a resource hungry parasite draining a few seconds of my day away. This computer will die soon; so I won't waste much time fixing things. What a waste of time.

I suspect corporate America will get slimier before they ever start getting better.

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