Friday, June 13, 2014

Which Conservatism?

This absurd Left/Right split is the most frustrating thing on the planet. The shrill idiots who blindly cling to their partisan ideologies of progressivism and conservatism have  done so much harm to this world.

I live in a hell-hole called Utah where discourse is routinely shut down by people called conservatives.

For decades there's been a shrill debate about who is the most severely conservative of all the conservatives.
For decades I've held that Tehran was the most conservative group on earth with Mecca taking a close second. 

Mecca does a good job by excluding all people who do not belong to the chosen religion, but Iran has a brutality behind its conservatism that sets Tehran apart.

Please don't get me wrong. There are many other conservative points on this planet.

Sudan and Pakistan have had some severe moments of conservatism with the periodic stoning of young women. Stoning a woman to death for marrying outside the faith is an act of deep and true conservatism. You can't get more conservative than killing your own daughter for religion.

Although honor killings are an act of extreme conservatism, they are still just individual acts.

Conservatism hits its shrillest form with mob action. In the last few years we've been seeing the rise of a new Conservatism in the Middle East that is full magnitude shriller and brutal than the Conservatism of Tehran.

I am referring to the ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) Movement.

ISIS is led by a religious scholar named Abu Bakr al Baghdadi who seeks to establish an Islamic Caliphate.

ISIS imposes Sharia Law in the land it captures and routinely flogs and executes people.

Flogging and executing people in the name of a religious law is Conservatism.

If you call yourself "Conservative" you should be jumping up and down in joy at the rise of a Conservative Caliphate in Iraq and Syria. This religious Jihad is even more Conservative than Tehran!

The Left/Right split that dominates politics came a generation after the US Founders. The Left holds a strange idea that freedom is slavery and slavery freedom. The progressive left holds that the ultimate expression of liberty comes with the rise of a totalitarian state.

The right holds that a capitalist society will impose a top down social order and will evolve into a new perfect class society with a very small number of owners controlling society with the bulk of mankind reduced to servitude as wage laborers.

Both the left and right are stupid. The left holds that one finds liberty in totalitarian government and the right holds that one find social order in a capitalistic liberty. (NOTE, Capitalism is defined by Karl Marx in a book called "Das Kapital.")

Fascism is the ultimate expression of the Modern Right. Communism is the ultimate expression of the Modern Left.

I beg all of the shrill people who kickdown their neighbors in the name of "Conservatism" to look at the senseless slaughtering of people in Syria and Iraq.

A religious scholar who routinely flogs and kills people under his control while committing acts of terrorism to set up a religious state is a Conservative.

Blindly clinging to this word "conservative" leads us to ruin just as surely as blindly clinging to the words "liberal" and "progressive."

The video below was published in January. ISIS is much bigger after its invasion of Mosul. I like the video because it shows how hyper partisan groups like this emerge as it gets in power counter insurgency groups form and everything gets worse. The type thinking behind the Left/Right split and the Sunni/Shia split lead to brutality.

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