Saturday, June 14, 2014

The GOP as a Closed Bunker

In 2009, the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already) spoke about the ideals of the US Founders and pulled people by the millions onto the streets and into the GOP.

In 2012 the GOP had an extremely shrill primary election about which candidate was the most conservative. This shrill primary squandered the political capital gained by the Tea Party and drove most of the new converts to the GOP out of the GOP.

The 2012 election was within easy reach of the GOP. 

By systematically driving everyone out of the GOP, these shrill people called conservatives snagged defeat from the jaws of victory and handed the nation over to Obama for another 4 years.

As I speak, the shrill people called conservatives are ratcheting up for a shrill campaign in 2014 and 2016 that will dwarf the shrillness of the 2012 campaign. The shrill people called conservatives will drive people from the GOP and hand the nation to the Democrats for another eight years.

Like most people. I am not a member of the GOP. The shrill people called conservatives have made it abundantly clear that GOP is a closed fortress and that me and my kind (people who love rational discourse, science and reason) are not welcome in their closed bunker.

For the most part, I am happy to accept this. The problem is that we have a two party system. The concerted effort of the shrill people called conservatives to drive everyone out of the GOP hands political control to the radical left ... which is worse.

Like most people in the US. I am not a member of the GOP. I understand fully that the GOP is a closed reactionary bunker of buffoons opposed to rational discourse.

But I care deeply about the fate of this nation and I love the ideals of the US Founders and the rational tradition that led to the creation of this nation.

I am deeply upset that the shrill people called conservatives destroyed the tea party and that, by driving people out of the GOP and by suppressing rational discourse, the shrill people called conservatives have handed this nation to the radical progressives.

The fact that the Tea Party pulled millions of people into the street has me hopeful that there might people somewhere who are interested in the ideals of liberty supported by the US Founders.

Just maybe someone out there will notice the phenomena that talk about the US Founders and the ideals of liberty pulls millions of people into the party and that the shrill debate about who is the most severely conservatives of the shrill conservative candidates drives people away.

When the GOP promotes the ideals of Liberty and the history of the US Founders, the GOP pulls people in and the party becomes a big tent. The shrill people called conservatives systematically drive everyone out of the tent and it becomes a closed bunker.

The ideals of the founders and the ideals of conservatism are different things. At heart, Conservatism from ancient to modern is simply a belief in a class society with a defined ruling class lording offer the bulk of humanity which the ruling class sees as nothing but workers.

The US founders were not conservative. The founders challenged the class society advocated by conservatives with the proposition that all men were created equal.

The conservatives of 1776 stood shoulder to shoulder with the Red Coats and leveled musket fire at the Founders.

This thing called "Modern Conservatism" is a modern ideology that evolved alongside Modern Liberalism (progressivism). This Left/Right split came from the parliaments of Europe. Both sides of the Left/Right dichotomy are founded on modern dialectics, not on classical reason. Just as the two sides of a coin are made of the same metal, the two sides of the left/right split share the same foundational structure.

Modern Conservatives campaign on the excesses of Modern Liberalism and Modern Progressivism campaigns on the oppression inherent in conservatism. The Left/Right split simply gives the world a choice of the better of two evils.

I love the ideals of the US Founders. In the off chance that there are others who love these ideals I beg you to ask yourself: What do you want?
Do you want the Ideals of the rational ideals of the US Founders or do you want the the reactionary ideals of Conservative. To put a thumb on the scale and help you understand this decision I've been writing posts to point out that Conservatism and the Ideals of the Founders are different. Conservatism includes many ideas which are in conflict with those at the foundation of America.

Fascism is a conservative ideology. There have been many conservative dictators. Some conservative dictators engaged in genocide. The terrorist jihad movement that keeps rocking the Middle East is a conservative movement. The monarchy and feudal system were conservative structures. Colonialism was a conservative construct.

Considering that Conservatism drives people away while talk about the US Founders and limited government pull people in, I keep asking: What do you want? The ideals of the Founders or shrill conservatism?

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