Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Conservative Workers' Movement

I finally broke down and read Mein Kempf this year. The book was as horrible as the man. But the book answered a very puzzling question: Why did an arch conservative start a labor movement?
He did so, of course, because he realized that the people who actually did the work in Germany were getting the shaft by corrupt legal, economic and labor forces.

Hitler criticized the bourgeoisie conservative for undervaluing the important role that people who actually do work play in our society. The true workers in the German economy were as disaffected from the left as they were from the right and were ripe for the picking.

Hitler was a creature of the right. Current right wing thinkers try to disassociate themselves from the man because he rose to power on a labor movement.

Interestingly, Rick Santorum, an arch-conservative in American politics, is advocating the exact same move in his new work Blue Collar Conservatives is proposing the exact same political strategy.

Santorum's recipe for gaining power is to create a conservative workers' movement while working to drive classical liberals (free marketeers) out of the GOP.

Conservatives and progressives simply swap positions on issues while seeking seeking the consolidation of power. Both the rogues on the left and rogues on the right lead our nation to ruin.

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