Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Banished

I am feeling depressed after reading Latter-day Liberty by Boyack. I was hoping to read a book that reconciled the ideals with the US Founders. Instead Boyack's work attempts to make the ideals of the US Founder subservient to Mormon Dialectics.

Mormon Dialectics, like Hegelian Dialectics, redefines freedom. The Mormon redefinition of freedom is "free-agency." Man was given free agency as a test to see if he would follow the dictates of the prophet.

People who do not obey are cast out. Latter-day Liberty is an absurd paradox: You are free to obey. You will be "cast out" if you do not.

I happened on to a 20/20 documentary about the FLDS. The FLDS practice Mormonism as it was practiced by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. The video looks at people who've been banished and forced to live in isolation by the prophet Warren Jeffs. This is what Mormonism is!

The FLDS are Fundamental Mormons. They practice the faith as it was taught by Joseph Smith. The section below is part of Joseph Smith's Book of Commandments (Later revised and Doctrine and Covenants). This commandment is theoretically equal to the Ten Commandments of the Bible:

25 Thow knowest my laws, they are given in my scriptures, he that sinneth and repenth not, shall be cast out.

26 If thou lovest me, thou shat serve me and keep all of my commandments; and behold, thou shalt consecrate all thy properties, that which thou hast unto me, wih a covenant and deed which cannot be broken; and they shall be laid before the bishop of my church, and two of the elders, such as he shall appoint and set apart for that purpose.

27 And it shall come to pass, that the bishop of my church, after that he has received the properties of my church, that it can not be taken from the church, he shall appoint every man a steward over his own property, or that which he has received, in as much as is sufficient for himself and family:

28 And the residue shall be kept to administer to him who has not, that every man may receive according as he stands in need:

29 And the residue shall be kept in my storehouse, to administer the poor and needy, as shall be appointed to the elders of the church and the bishop; and for the purpose of purchasing lands, and the building up of the New Jerusalem, which is hereafter to be revealed; that my covenant people may be gathered in one, in the day that I shall come to my temple.

Mormon Dialectics gives the paradox: "You are free to obey. If you do not obey you will be cast out!"

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