Friday, October 18, 2013

Obstructionism as a Strategy

Personally, my complaint with the 2013 government shutdown was that the GOP clearly did not have a game plan for the event. Lack of a clear game plan meant the GOP would be forced to capitulate.

Since capitulation was the only possible outcome, I wish the GOP capitulated a week earlier..

Quite frankly, the worst part of the shutdown was the timing. The shutdown occurred during the roll out of the deeply flawed health exchanges. This allowed Obama to use the shutdown to divert attention from his failed policies.

Quite frankly, I think this fiasco happened because Conservatives place far too much stock in obstructionism. Conservatives also have a reluctance to engage in discourse ... which surrenders the culture to the left.

At this point, I fear that the only real hope is for people in the freedom movement to do something that Conservatives are reluctant to do. They need to talk about the issue.

By talking about the issue, I believe that people in the freedom movement need to have meetings in which they discuss health care. I would love to attend or host a meeting on free market health care reform.

Obstructionism works for Occupy Wall Street. In my opinion, The Tea Party should be about open discourse about the free market.

Speaking of our friends on the left. It is amusing to find that leftists by the tens of thousands on have been calling for the leaders of the Republican Party to be arrested and tried for sedition. The Republican Leaders were defending the traditional view of the Constitution. The label of "sedition" is more properly leveled at the people who subvert the Constitution, not the people defending it.

The fact that so many people seeing defending the Constitution as sedition is a direct result of the way Conservatives engage in discourse.

The Founders gave this nation a beautiful heritage, but all people see is obstruction.

The only way to change this is for people in the freedom movement to occasionally talk to people. For example, imagine that good that could come if a group held a meeting on free market health care reform.

Anyway, I am extremely depressed. I am not sure if I am more upset with Obama for taking our freedoms or with this Conservative movement that claims to defend freedom and systematically fails.

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