Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kicking Down Those Who Stand Up for Liberty

Apparently the Utah GOP will be going after Mike Lee for his role in the government shutdown.

There is no surprise here. Republicans consistently kick down anyone who actually stands up for liberty.

Readers of this blog know that I was opposed to the government shutdown.

That argument was about strategy. The shutdown occurred at the wrong time. It diverted attention from the disastrous roll out of ObamaCare. Even worse, the shutdown did not have a clearly defined game plan which means the shutdown was destined to end in capitulation, which it did.

Bad timing aside, this was the first bold steps taken in the freedom movement.

I hope that Americans wake up to just how bad our political system has become and realize that bold action is warranted.

It should be apparent to anyone with half a brain that ObamaCare will fail. The question is: Will it fail into socialism or will it fail into freedom.

Here is the bad news. The government shutdown exposed the complete ineptitude of the GOP.

Conservatives have no plans and no structure in place so that ObamaCare can fail into freedom.

Since conservatives have done nothing to help create and promote free market alternatives to PPACA and the left has invested billions of taxpayer dollars into creating a structures for socialized care, the failure of PPACA will lead to socialism.

The Conservative Establishment has a long history of punishing anyone who moves beyond rhetoric and actually stands up for freedom.

This Conservative Establishment has created a horrible situation for our nation. The entrenched unwillingness of this group to even discuss free market health care reform means that there is no option except for ObamaCare to fail into socialism.

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