Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Grassroots Army to Dismantle Obamacare

Ted Cruz is right. A grassroots army could easily topple PPACA and set the United States on a course of health freedom and widespread prosperity.

The question that is driving me insane is: Where is this movement?

One would think that there would be people from coast to coast looking for ways out of the mess created by this intrusive legislation.

I am actively searching for groups interested in defeating ObamaCare, but no-one seems to have enough interest in the subject to do anything.

Yes, there are angry voices calling talk radio and thousands of people who complain on twitter. I simply can't find people who are out in the community acting.

It is the people who are active in the community who will win the day.

What we do in our lives is a thousand times more important than what we say. If there are no freedom lovers actively working in the community to solve this problem, then the left will win because there are thousands of left leaning groups engaged in their local communities.

One of the things I do to stay involved in my local community is to maintain community calendars. The calendars list community events, fundraisers and what not. I have calendars for towns like Salt Lake City, Park City, Provo. Through the years the calendars have listed 28,000 local events. I troll all the local boards for interesting events with a focus on fundraisers, fun runs, and art events.

I actually attend quite a few free events. I had to cut back in the last years because I cannot afford gas.

Although this blog and my tweet stream engage in critical thinking. The bulk of my social networking time is spent social networking to promote community awareness.

The act of building calendars gives me insight into who is active in the community and who is not. I live in the most conservative area of the planet (west of Tehran). In this most conservative state, the left is far more active in the community than the right.

IMHO This imbalance in community activity is the thing that will tip our nation from a free to a socialized state. Sadly, there is nothing that I can do but sit back and watch in horror.

Freedom Connector is a valuable tool for promoting local events. If people want to save the American Experiment in Self Rule, people have to be involved. If we are not involved we capitulate the future of our children to those who are involved.

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