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The American Covenant

Glenn Beck's next infotainment event is called Covenant America [Site no longer active]. It will take place in Branson, Missouri September 13th - 15th, 2013.

Many readers are new to the idea that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were revealed by the Heavenly Father as part of a covenant for the Latter Days.

As one who live "behind the Zion Curtain" in Salt Lake City, the covenant is well known and is a driving force in local and now national politics.

So, please, sit back and I will tell you the story of the American Covenant.

The Covenant reaches back 6000 years ago to the Garden of Eden when God established the first covenant with Adam and Eve.

Eve ate and apple and they were driven from the Garden of Eden. To make things worse, their elder son Cain killed their younger son Abel. God was unhappy and smited the descendants of Cain with the "Mark of Cain." (For those of you who are ignorant of the covenant, the Mark of Cain is dark skin).

Noah had a covenant involving an ark and flood. Abraham had a covenant. The sons messed that one up and his descendants became slaves in Egypt. Moses had a covenant after freeing slaves from Egypt.

This is all well known. But what isn't known is that several tribes of Israel (The Lost Tribes of Israel, aka The Nephites) built a submarine and traveled to the Americas where they had a new covenant.

The Nephites had a thriving cultural until one day King Benjamin granted the people a Democracy. An evil group of people called Lamanites had a conspiracy in which they won the election. They took control and were evil. There was a big war between the righteous Nephites and the evil Lamanites. God was so upset with this turn of events that he smited the people in the New World and turned them into savages with red skin.

Back to the old world. Jesus established a new covenant with the crucifixion  and resurrection.

Sadly, evil popes conspired with evil kings to mess up that covenant.
BTW, you may have heard of the "Divine Right of Kings." The monarchs in Europe claimed that that monarchy stretched back to an ancient covenant with the Patriarchs of Israel. People who believed in the Divine Right of Kings believed that the American Revolution was a sin against God.

But the monarchs didn't know the designs of the Heavenly Father. The Heavenly Father had plans to establish a newer covenant in the new world.

The monarchs of Europe colonized the new world, but it was in the designs of the Heavenly Father that the colonies would rise against the monarchs.

Today we admire the US Founders as great visionaries. In Utah, we are taught that the Founders were really just a big joke.. The US Founders were rabble of the worst sort who could barely tie their shoes let alone win a revolution.

It was the Heavenly Father who led the Revolution. The Heavenly Father had to resort to multiple outright miracles to make the war a success.

The divine plan of the Heavenly Father was to use the US Founders to create the conditions necessary to establish his new church.

The Heavenly Father revealed unto the Founders the Declaration of Independence. The Heavenly Father then won the Revolution through miracles. After The Revolution, The Heavenly Father gathered the Founders at the Constitutional Convention, where-in the Heavenly Father revealed unto the Founders the Constitution and a Bill of Rights. These documents were revealed to create the conditions necessary for the Restoration of The Church in the Latter Days.

Secular scholars (ie liberals) misunderstand the Constitution. These evil liberals believe the revolution was about fighting for freedom which they wrongfully believe is good unto itself.

The American Covenant holds that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are scripture revealed by the Heavenly Father to create the conditions for the restoration of His Church in the Latter Days.

Evil liberals says the Constitution was about freedom. The Covenant holds that The Constitution was revealed to establish "free agency." Free agency simply means that people are given the choice of accepting the Covenant and following the dictates of the true church in the Latter Days or being evil gentiles to be cast aside on judgment day.

The Heavenly Father revealed the true history of the covenant with the revelation of the Book of Mormon.

After publishing The Book of Mormon in 1830, Joseph Smith hooked up with Sydney Rigdon and Oliver Cowdery who had been interested in establishing a utopian society.

Thus the promise of the American Revolution was fulfilled by the re-establishment of the true church on earth.

The Heavenly Father then revealed through his church the details of the American Covenant in the Doctrine and Covenants.The D&C reveal many wondrous things such as a command that the leaders of the church take on multiple-wives. It was revealed that there is not just one God but a multiplicity of Gods in a political hierarchy.

Of course, the story does not end with the re-establishment of the church.

As you see, man is locked in an endless struggle between the righteous and the evil servants of Satan.

Evil liberals pretend the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were products of reason, not revelation. Evil liberals attempt to lead people away from the American Covenant and the Restoration of the Church.

Evil liberals pretend freedom is something good unto itself.

They fail to realize that the free agency given in the American Covenant is a choice to become a member in the body of the Heavenly Father's true church in the Latter Days or being servants of Satan.

The nature of free agency means there is eternal struggle between the righteous who follow the Doctrine and Covenants and the Servants of Satan. These servants include evil popes, evil kings, evil gentiles, evil liberals, evil secular progressives, evil this and evil that.

The restoration of the church in the latter days is but one step in the great chain of covenants and struggles that have existed since the Garden of Eden.

Speaking of the Garden of Eden. It was revealed that the original location of the Garden of Eden was in Missouri. The founders of the church were instructed to establish a settlement in Missouri.

Southern Plantation owners hoped to establish Missouri as a slave state. So there was a lot of tension in the territory and open hostility between groups seeking dominance.

In one rather incendiary sermon, Sidney Rigdon (who was the president of the LDS Church at the time) declared a war of extermination against the other settlers in the state.

The evil gentiles (people who are not LDS are called gentiles) took this news to the Missouri Governor.Lilburn Boggs (1796-1860). On hearing that the Mormon settlers had declared an extermination war against other  settlers, Governor Boggs had a George Zimmerman moment. He issued declaration that stated "... having made war upon the people of this State [...] the Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State if necessary for the public peace..."

Can you believe this?

This was the single greatest act of persecution in the whole history of mankind! The evil Governor of Missouri ordered the extermination of an entire church!

So, just as Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden, the True Church was driven from Missouri (did I mention that Missouri was the original location of the Garden of Eden?). The new settlement was in Navou, Illinois.

The history of the covenant is one of eternal struggle between the righteous (those who have accepted the covenant) and the forces of Satan (those who have not).

God gave man free agency as a test to see if we will do as we are told or if we are evil servants of Satan.

Examples of the evils of man include evil apostates who built presses out Navou that printed grievances against Joseph Smith and the restored church. The heavenly father burned the presses.

Evil gentiles who believe that the freedom of the press extends to those who commit blasphemy were enraged at the burning of presses.

One day it was revealed by the Heavenly Father that the evil Governor of Missouri would be smited. On May 6, 1842 a shot gun fired through a window severely injuring former Governor Boggs (you know, the servant of Satan who issued the Extermination Order)..

Evil gentiles hold that the gun was aimed by Porter Rockwell and that the revelation that Governor Boggs was to be shot was an order to shoot the former Governor.

Anyway, the forces of Satan put together a bunch of trumped up charges against Joseph Smith and hauled him off to Carthage, Illinois. Joseph Smith was martyred after being arrest but before being put on trial.

Tension continued after the martyrdom of Joseph Smith. The keepers of the American Covenant were forced into exile.

The American Exodus was an event of Biblical promotions. In this event, the keepers of the American Covenant fled the United States into the Mexican Territories.

Brigham Young sought to establish the Empire of Deseret which was to include most of the land from Colorado to San Diego.

The United State purchased this territory from Mexico in the Treatises of Guadaloupe Hildago after the Mexican War. The US army marched into the Empire. Skillful diplomacy prevented a major war.

The keepers of the American Covenant slaughtered on wagon train of settlers at Mountain Meadows, but that was pretty much it for the violence.

The United States forced monogamy onto the restored church despite the fact that the Doctrines and Covenant clearly reveals the restoration of polygamy as a righteous and holy lifestyle and pruned the Empire of Deseret to a lowly state without a sea port.

Fortunately, for Native Americans and blacks, the American Covenant is a living covenant. Native Americans have become "whitesome and delightsome" after their contact with the renewed covenant. It was revealed in 1970s that Blacks can receive the priesthood.

Anyway, it is really exciting that Glenn Beck is bringing an infotainment event in Branson about the American Covenant.

Missouri was the original location of the Garden of Eden and the very first covenant between the Heavenly Father and the righteous.

Oh, I probably should have mentioned. I am one of those evil gentiles.

As an evil gentile living behind the Zion Curtain (a non-Mormon in Utah). I look at the idea that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were revealed to usher in the rise of the LDS Church with a great deal of suspicion. If Joseph Smith made up the Book of Mormon, then the theory of free agency and the belief that the Doctrine and Covenants is the full restoration of the Church are negative and divisive developments.

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