Friday, July 26, 2013

Centralization and Wealth Disparity

Apparently it is fun to condemn the motivations of others, because a lot of people do it.

One of the most common accusations is one of greed. Workers accuse management of being greedy and giving stingy paychecks while management accuses workers for being lazy and greedy for not having the company's best interest at heart.

Unfortunately, I was not born with the ability to see the motivations of others. I do not have the magic ability to see if a person is motivated by greed or something else.

Anyway, social progressives make claims to altruism as they demand ever greater economic and political centralization. Small business owners openly admit to self-motivation as they build and defend their small businesses.

Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama were social progressives. Each administration made big claims to altruistic motives.

As I cannot see inside their minds, I simply have to take these administrations at their word.

During each of these administrations we saw altruistic people who favored economic and political centralization over freedom. The result is an ever larger gap between rich and poor.

So, I will make a bold statement. The problem is not greed v. altruism. The problem is economic centralization.

Economic centralization will concentrate wealth and power even if the group promoting the centralization feigns altruism.

Conversely, economic decentralization does a better job creating and distributing wealth, even if the people involve admit to self-motivation.

If the freedom movement wants to turn around the ever increasing economic and political centralization, people in the movement need to start talking about economic decentralization.

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