Friday, July 12, 2013

Infotainment Celebrities

One of the greatest threats to the freedom movement is the legion of infotainment celebrities who want to be seen leading a populist revolt.

Infotainment works by presenting news as conflict. Infotainers who gain political power tend to engage in the politics of division.

Sadly, people tend to only see people on the other side of the issue as dividers.

President Obama worked as a Community Organizer. In the Alinsky-school of thought, a community organizer organizes one half of the community against the other. Organizing half a community against the other half creates deeper division.

Avid followers of Obama continue to see the president as a source of unity. When I look at our world, I see greater division.

I led in with Obama because I wished to ask conservatives to take a look at the infotaiiners who have been setting themselves up as policymakers.

Infotainers report news as entertainment. In the Man on the Moon and Covenant America, Glenn Beck presents the news of the day as a live circus show.

Personally, I don't mind infotainment. The heart of infotainment is that infotainers present news as conflict.

The infotainment industry is similar to the Alinsky style of community organizer. Infotainers use conflict and division to make information entertaining.

When such people move from the world of entertainment into the actual world of politics, things will go south.

Anyway, I am reading a book by a world class infotainer named Neal Boortz in which Boortz uses his well honed skills to push a bad idea called the Fair Tax.

The book is piled with disinformation and false assumption. Boortz uses the age old trick of dismissing criticism by attacking the motivations of his opponents.

BTW I am opposed to the Fair Tax because I see a bad law that will be disruptive and that will empower the ruling class to use an unevenly enforced law to attack opponents.

Boortz book made a little list of all the infotainers for the FairTax.

My heart sunk.

We appear to be devolving into a culture in which we let infotainers set political policy.

Policy set by infotainers is apt to be as bad and divisive as policy set by community organizers. Both paths to power rely on leaders who create division in their pursuit of power.

The path followed by conservative infotainers will not lead to a restored America, it will lead to even greater division than we have today.

Please America, just because an infotainer is able to build a large audience does not mean the infotainer is fit to set law. The reliance of the right on infotainment might well be the undoing of the freedom movement.

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