Thursday, June 20, 2013

Western Conservative Summit

There is something called "The Western Conservative Summit" going down in Denver from July 26-28.

The event is out of my price range. However, if anyone is going to the event and wants to attend a presentation on free market health care reform (or on tax reform) either before of after the event. I would be happy to sneak across the mountains to my hometown. (I am a third generation Coloradan.)

I would love to have an opportunity to talk with people about free market reforms and ways that the freedom movement could restore the promise of America.

It is funny. I live in "The Most Conservative State." I have yet to meet a single person in this state who is interested in restoring the American Experiment in Self Rule.

I find it strange. In places where conservatives are a minority, conservatives support freedom. When conservatives have a majority they expand government. When conservatives have a super majority, they begin suppressing discourse.

Modern Conservatism and Modern Liberalism appear to simply mirror each other.

I agree with the things Conservatives say when they are in minority, and want to find ways to put the ideals of limited government back into action.

I have two presentations that might be of use to the freedom movement.

The first is called "The Medical Savings and Loan." This is a math heavy presentation that argues that the third party payment system is the problem in health care. I demonstrate that restoring the concept of self-funded health care would restore the pricing mechanism and provide people with better care at a lower price.

The presentation argue that we should create a self-funded alternative to insurance. Creating such an alternative would provide a path to repealing ObamaCare.

The second presentation is called "The Object Tax." the Object Tax is a framework for discussing tax reform. The Object Tax uses ideas from Software Design to create a tax code that would allow use to shift from an income tax to a consumption tax. It starts by creating an abstract tax that can be implemented as the current income tax or through a system of Tax Aware Accounts.

This mechanism allows us to transition tax to a consumption tax with minimal disruption.

The program creates a new thing called a Tax Aware Account. You would have your entire paycheck deposited into the account. You would pay a progressive tax when you withdraw the money for consumption.

People would have a choice of sticking with the income tax, or moving to a Tax Aware Account hosted by their local bank.

Small employers would love the new system because it allows them to streamline their HR process. They would no longer be required to withhold taxes and would no longer have to file W2 forms.

Anyway, the Western Conservative Conference sounds really fun. I can't afford a ticket myself. But I would enjoy a trip to my hometown and would enjoy the opportunity of speaking with people either before or after the convention.

It is humorous. Colorado is a swing state. To attract votes, Colorado Conservatives are eager to talk about free market reform. Utah has a super majority of Conservatives. It is the most oppressive state in the nation. Conservatives in Utah actively suppress open discourse.

I love the ideas at the founding of this nation. I think it be wonderful to cross the mountains to see my home town and find people who appreciate American ideals as well.

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