Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cyber Begging Link

A ticket to the WCS is $295. If I raised money and went to the summit, the money I raised would go to the summit and not me.

My goal for attending the summit is to raise issues that I think would advance the freedom movement at an event.

If a person or group wanted to engage in a discussion about health care or tax reform, I would be happy to set up a completely independent meeting. I would not be able to pay the whole cost of the meeting. You can contact me through my Contact Form.
I'd love to go to the Western Conservative Summit in Denver. But, I lack the resources to do so.

I have two ideas that I think would be of interest to the freedom movement.

The first is called "The Medical Savings and Loan." This program provides an argument for a return to fee-for-service medicine.

The second proposal is called "The Object Tax." This argument applies Object Design to tax reform.

Object Design is the method used to create interfaces for things like smart phones and the internet.  The system that allows you to read this post was highly influenced by this design method.

The Object Tax starts by making an abstract model of the current income tax.  The abstract model says that we will tax financial objects between income and consumption at a progressive rate.

Taxing an abstract object between income and consumption allows us to combine the best of a consumption tax with a progressive income tax.

The program builds a tax model that can be implemented as the current income tax. We then invite private financial institutions to design and create products that implement the tax.

The program harnesses the creative genius of the free market to create new implementations of the tax code.

Anyway. Both of these topics result in fun conversations about free market reform.

For the last five years, I've been on a quest to find people with enough interest in preserving the American Experiment in Self Rule to engage in a discussion about market centric centered reform. I exhausted my personal resources tracking down leads.

But, I would dearly love to keep trying.  I notice that sites advocating The Fair Tax are covered with "Donate Buttons." I decided to create a donate button, which I put on a "Cyber Begging Page." If anyone donates to the cause, I would use the funds to attend the Western Conservative Conference or other event. If I can find no events interested in reform, I would host my own. Dagnabbit.

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