Friday, June 07, 2013

Find a Winning Issue and We Can Restore America

In recent decades the freedom movement has been operating under the assumption that the Restoration of America will come by finding the right candidate.

A large number of people in the GOP worked diligently to create such candidates.

But the candidates either fail to get elected or fall short once in office.

I believe that the assumption that the restoration of freedom will come through a political candidate is absurd.

I've come to the conclusion that the best path for restoring freedom will come by a political movement formed around an issue.

The most promising issue is Health Care Reform. I spent several years working on a reform proposal called "The Medical Savings and Loan." This program could help in the repeal of ObamaCare by demanding the creation of a free market alternative to insurance.

To my dismay, I've been unable to find any Libertarian, Tea Party or GOP group with enough interest in restoring freedom within 700 miles of Salt Lake City.

The GOP in Utah is fully invested in ObamaCare and has no interest in repealing it.

I fear that the opportunity to repeal ObamaCare has passed.

I am unwilling to give up hope on America.

It is possible that tax reform will become the driving issue of the 2016 election.

I contend that, if the freedom movement came up with a compelling tax reform proposal, that the freedom movement would win the day.

For the last several days I've been blogging about a tax reform called "The Object Tax."

The Object Tax is named for the Object Oriented Design technique used in smartphones and other advanced systems.

The Object Tax is named for a design method. This design starts by creating an abstract model of the current income tax. We would rewrite the code so that taxation could be implemented as either an income tax or as an account based tax hosting by a bank or other financial firm.

The design is as follows. The government will write the basic requirements for the tax. Banks, employers and other financial institutions would then write programs that implement the new tax.

The first goal of the object tax is to minimize disruption. The tax can be implemented as the current income tax. Companies that are heavily invested in their current HR systems will not be forced to make major changes.

This tax reform has minimal disruption.

Think of it like the phone system. The cellular phone system was able to encapsulate and extend the line network. We did not need to disrupt telephone service to create cellphones. Smartphones extend cellphones with internet connectivity. We did not need to destroy the cellphone system to create smart phones.

A bank might implement the Object Tax as follows.

You would have your entire paycheck deposited into a Tax Aware account. Customers will pay a progressive tax when they withdraw money.

Lets say you have a thousand dollars put in your account and your calculated rate is 20%. When you withdraw the $1000 you will pay a $200 tax and you will get $800 in cash.

In this implementation, you pay the tax when you prepare to spend money.

The process of preparing to spend money is called "budgeting."

Collecting taxes in the budgeting process will have the same, of not stronger, psychological effect as taxing at the point of sale.

The great thing is that the design of the Object Tax allows us to keep the progressive tax rate that many Americans love.

I put forward this idea because I believe the Object Tax could be a compelling issue for the freedom movement.

I happen to love system design. Designing an object based system is the most intellectually intriguing tasks that one can undertake.

If there was a group interested in advancing the freedom movement through tax reform, that group of people could contact me. I could then explain why this tax proposal would enhance the freedom movement.

I live in Utah. If someone was interested in pursuing this idea, they could contact me. The Object Tax could be a winning issue for the freedom movement if someone had enough interest in freedom to pursue an idea.

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