Monday, May 06, 2013

The Root of All Evil

We've been indoctrinated to hate profit.

Profit simply means that one gets more out of something than put in. I say the indoctrination is wrong and that there is a moral imperative to seek profit.

We if choose to put a resource into production, the thing created from the resource should be greater than the resource.

The problems in the world do not result from people seeking profit. Problems result when people seek to dominate others. If I seek profit by dominating others, then I am effectively denying these others their ability to thrive.

If I were to profit by denying my neighbors the ability to profit, then my actions would create a net loss. 

Politics is the art of seeking advantage over others. Politicians love to push the theme that profit is the root of all evil because it deflects guilt from their profession.

The evils in the world result not from individuals seeking to optimize their resources, but by people who seek advantage over others (politics).

Lovers of freedom need to challenge the false claim that "money is the root of all evils." Money is simply a tool people use to quantify the costs of resources.

Politics is the true root of all evil. The evils in human society result for the desire to dominate others (politics).

So, while it is true that a people who seeks to profit from politics do great harm to society, the fault lies with means of gaining profit (politics) and not with profit itself.

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