Sunday, May 12, 2013

Magic Clowns and Sock Puppets

Imagine that I told you I believe in Jesus.

You might approve and say my beliefs are well and good.

Now, imagine that I told you that Jesus was a magic clown who slept under my bed and told me to diddle little girls.

I hope you would be horrified.

Now, imagine that I took my beliefs a step further and said that Jesus was a sock puppet that I kept in the closet. Imagine that I claimed that authority to feed whatever words I desired into the mouth of the puppet, and that these words would be doctrine.

I hope that the reader will see that my feeding words into my sock puppet is counter to the Christian tradition.

What if I gathered a group of adherents who I duped into holding my word as the word of God. Are these people duped into serving my quest for power Christians? Does the fact that I have adherents make my heresies Christian doctrine?

I would hope not.

If the term "Christianity" includes any and everything ever said in the name of Christ, then the term is meaningless.

BTW: I've never bought into the idea that if a group incorporates the symbols "Jesus Christ" into their logo that their words become the definitive words of Christ. This is true even if the group has a tall building and huge marketing budget and repeats their message on prime time TV.

NOTE: People who lie, cheat and deceive exist in every aspect of life. You will find quacks in medicine, frauds in financing.. Millions of false claims have been made in the name of science. To avoid profanities, I do not even wish to mention where statistics fall in the scale of lying.

Traditionally, religion is supposed to encompass our highest thoughts.

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