Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Moral Imperative of Profit

We are trained in our left leaning schools to hate profit.

I know many people (most working  for the church or the state) who go all buggy-eyed whenever the term "profit" comes up in. [public schools and non-profits are part of a new secular church]

These people have developed some sort of delusion in which profit is the source of all evil.

It is the opposite is true.

Profit simply means that one gets more out of something than put in.

If a worker takes a lump of material, applies labor and turns the material into something of value; the worker has created profit.

In contrast, people who consume more than they produce create loss.

I contend that there is a moral imperative to create profit.
People should aspire to produce more than they consume.

In contrast, those who consume more than they produce are a burden on society.

The problem is not profit. The problem is that many people in the world seek power.

I've noticed through the years that the people who are most adamant in attacking profit are people who are seeking power either for themselves or for a partisan group that they support.

It is not uncommon for people who are committing social injustice to use the term "social justice" in a pathetic attempts to justify their grub for power.

More injustice is done in this world by self-annointed judges who seek to impose justice on their enemy than by any other group.

For example. Behind most genocides in history, you will find groups of people who made pretenses to social justice before committing acts of injustice.

Because man is imperfect, the human drive to impose justice is a leading cause of injustice.

The term "profit" simply means that the return from an investment was greater than the item invested.

I believe that there is a moral imperative to seek profit in our business actions. If we choose to chop down a tree, the thing we create from the wood should be greater than the tree; otherwise the action is waste.

Money is simply a tool that people use to quantify the costs associated with the investment of time and resources. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using money to help quantify decisions.

The evil in the world does not come from the process of rationally investing resources so that the return on the resources invested is greater than the resources invested.

Evil in the world is more likely to come in the form of power-mongers who seek to deny their fellow man their proper share of the profits created through our actions.

In conclusion, I beseech the reader to seek profit in their life. Profit means producing more than one consumes. Profit means that you've done more good for the world than harm.

I also admonish the reader to be skeptical of the pundits who denounce profit in the name of social justice.

Those who seek to impose social justice on their enemies are often motivated by a desire for power and are prone to bring the world more injustice than good.

Profit is not the root of all evil. The Root of All Evil Is ...

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