Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tea Party R.I.P. 2012

The New York Times declared the Tea Party dead.

As far as I can tell. The Times is correct.

As pointed out in the last post. There is not a single future event on the Utah United calendar. During the Tea Party, I made a list of all the Tea Party and 9/12 sites I could find in Utah, Colorado and Arizona. Most of the sites have gone dark.

The death of the Tea Party fills me with sorrow.

The Tea Party was the one spark of hope that there were people willing to stand up for the American Experiment in Self Rule.

Sadly, my experience with the Tea Party was not productive. During 2009 and 2010, I spent every penny to attend and support Tea Party efforts. My specific goal was to find people brave enough to discuss Free Market Health Care Reform.

By Free Market Health Care Reform, I mean alternatives to insurance. The thesis I wished to present is: "The problem in health care is the use of group-funding for individual consumption, and the solution is to restore the concept of self-funded care."

I put together a math based presentation that shows that self-funded care is not only is is possible, it is preferable to group funded care. Creating an alternative to group insurance based on self-funded care restore the pricing mechanism and realign the medical industry to the needs of the patient.

The program could have been used politically to defeat Obama in 2012. The insurance mandate in PPACA is the weak point of ObamaCare. Republicans could have attacked the weak point in ObamaCare if they were brave enough to discuss alternatives to insurance.

In 2009 and 2010, I spent all my savings trying to find a group interested in restoring America. I started with the ambitious goal of finding twelve people interested in free market health care reform. I cut it in half to six and now consider the idea of three people interested in the subject outlandish.

Several times I got close to the goal of getting six people in a room to discuss free market health care reform.

But in every case, a group of dull witted thugs called "conservatives" would stomped down their iron boots on our throats and silence the conversation.
Modern Conservatism, as you all know, traces back to a royalist by the name of George Hegel (1770 – 1831). In the game of modern dialectics one uses terms related to freedom in ways that result in a centralized state and economy.

During the Tea Party, conservatives encouraged agitation against Obama, but actively suppressed debate about real alternatives.

The goal, you see, was to capture ObamaCare.

The duplicity of this goal reached its absurd heights when Republicans gleefully nominated Mitt Romney (The Father of RomneyCare) to run against Obama. PPACA simply took Mitt Romney's Massachusetts plan and imposed it on a national level.

Can you believe it? Republicans actually had such a contemptuous view of the American people that they felt they could pull of running the Father of RomneyCare in a campaign against the Father of ObamaCare when the two plans are all but identical.

I guess the game is not that surprising when on realizes the nature of modern dialectics. The Modern Dialectics at the heart of Modern Conservatism is a game in which uses freedom-rhetoric to gain and centralize power.

Conservatives saw the Tea Party used the Tea Party as a tool of agitation while plotting in the background to capture PPACA.

The historical fact is that Republicans used the Tea Party to attack their partisan foe. At the same time Republicans actively suppressed debate about free market health care.

Now, the Tea Party is dead.

The Republican goal of capturing PPACA failed in 2012.

The right might try reviving the Tea Party in 2013, but do you think anyone will actually fall for it?

Personally, I fear that conservatives effectively killed both the Tea Party and Campaign for Liberty and that the opportunity to restore the vision of the US Founders has been lost for a generation.

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