Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years Post

I confess. I had really been looking forward to 2012.

I bought into the idea that it would be a year of renewal.

But the Conservative movement turned bizarre.

The Republican primary process was all my nightmares come true.

To think. People were so dimwitted as to nominate the father of RomneyCare to defeat ObamaCare.

I wanted to write a New Yeats Post today. While doing so. I realized that this is the first time in my life I really believe there is no hope for our nation.

The problem in our nation is not "Liberalism." It is the perversion of Liberalism.

If we want to get down to brass tacks. The restoration of America would in actuality be a restoration of true liberalism.

Unfortunately, both conservatives and progressives are fully invested in the perversion of liberty. The political pundits have created a trap for our culture with no way out.

It would be possible to save America. But it would involve people talking to each other. It would entail the impossible. It would entail leftists realizing that economic and political centralization does not lead to liberty. Even worse, it would involve Conservatives engaged in introspection and realizing that the Modern Conservative movement itself is Hegelian in origin and has engaged in all of the underhanded tricks practiced one the left.

It is possible for a group that rejects the false dichotomies created by pundits to come up with answers.

But I do not know a single person on this planet who is willing to talk earnestly with others and I feel we are in a helpless mess with no way out.

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