Saturday, December 08, 2012

A Scary Distortion of Truth

The classical liberal view was that there is a truth, but that individual humans (or human institutions) don't know it.

The Mormon doctrine appears to be that Truth flows through the political hierarchy of The Church to the people. The degree to which truth flows through one's mouth is relative to how much power they've amassed in the Church.

This absurd notion that one's group owns the truth and everyone else is an evil gentile destroys the ability to communicate.

The video below, which I suspect was enacted, shows how the LDS Church ingrains this negative même into the thoughts of its young adherents: (NOTE: I have been to testimonials in which people were made to stand and declare their fealty to the hierarchy.)

The idea that there is a truth, but that we don't know the truth, can lead to wonderful discoveries as people pursue the truth.

The notion that truth flows through a political hierarchy is destructive. Trying to communicate with people who've gone through this indoctrination is next to impossible.

Interestingly, this notion that truth flows through a political hierarchy has the same effect as the idea that truth is relative.

If one holds that truth is relative, then the question arises: Truth is relative to what?

Moral relativists tend to conclude that truth is relative to political power, and that might makes right.

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