Sunday, August 26, 2012

The American Covenant

I was really looking forward to the Utah Freedom Conference to be held on September 15th. I even went as far as to buy an American Silver Eagle on eBay to pay for my ticket in "real money."

I was distraught that not a single one of the events at the conference are about advancing individual liberty. This so-called "freedom conference" is simply about people grubbing at power.

The reason we are losing freedom is because the powers that be use twisted definitions of "freedom" to give themselves the freedom to lord over their neighbor.

I believe strongly that the first step to restoring freedom is to support the people around me. The keynote speaker is a Timothy Ballard who published a work called The American Covenant (Buy at Barnes and Noble). So, I borrowed a Kindle, bought, downloaded and read the book.

I am now absolutely distraught.

Mr. Ballard argues that the US Founders were but a bunch of hapless fools that the Heavenly Father used to create conditions necessary for the restoration of the Church.

Here in Utah, we are taught that the Declaration of Independence and American Constitution are sacred (revealed) documents equal to the Book of Mormon and that the American Constitution has legitimacy equal to the revelations of The Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Timothy Ballard argues that the Constitution is a collectivist covenant with God giving the Federal Government and States divine rights. These divine documents established religious freedom to create conditions necessary for the restoration of the Gospel and the Church.

Mr. Ballard is magnanimous in saying that the collective national covenant is for both the righteous (Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and gentiles (Catholics, Baptists, Jews, etc.). despite that fact that evil servants of Satan (such as myself) who have not been properly trained in the art of revelation have wrong notions about the scripture of the Declaration, Constitution and the roles these revealed documents play in the restoration of Christ's Church among the Saints in the Latter Days.

I really dislike the radical secularists (Young Hegelians) who attempt to completely remove the religious tradition of the US Founders. The US Founders were deeply Christian.

I find the reactionary impulse to claim the Declaration and Constitution as revealed scripture equally destructive. Having read "The American Covenant" I am no more willing to support the Utah Freedom Conference than I am willing to support Occupy Wall Street.

I actually do recommend reading this work, for it clearly shows that dangers that are emerging on the reactionary right.

If you read this book, it is important to remember that the LDS Community did not give substantial support to the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally in March. The book makes out the US Founders as hapless fools. It reduces our beloved Declaration of Independence and Constitution to simple devices used by The Heavenly Father to create the conditions for the revelation of the Book of Mormon.

These guys are as bad as Occupy Wall Street. (The Hegelians are as corrupt as the Young Hegelians. Go Figure).

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