Thursday, August 30, 2012

Setting Up the Freedom Movement for Failure

There have been some great speeches at the Republican National Conferences. Some of the speeches remind me of the glory days of the long dead Tea Party.

Sadly, as I listened to the speeches, I realized the Republican Establishment has set the freedom movement up for failure.

The RNC has just made "jobs" the fundamental issue of the presidency. If Romney gets elected and there is not a big surge in jobs accompanied by increases in wages, then the socialist movement will be able to march back with a vengeance.

Making jobs the number one priority of the presidency is wrong because the presidency is not about jobs.

Setting up the expectation that the government is the source of jobs leads directly to government sponsored anti-market activities.

The Founders were much wiser than the politicians of our day. The founders realized that the job of the government was simply to protect property rights. If we had an equitable distribution of property in this nation, jobs would take care of themselves.

In the light of the productivity gains, I am not certain that "a job" is the right and proper aspiration of our nation's children.

A job is a regulated existence. The idea behind "the job" is that most people would live lives regulated by the employer.

Is a life where your employer owns your heart and soul really freedom?

The economic model we currently have is flawed. The idea is that most people will be nothing more than just workers who works a regulated job, has regulated health care and consumes too much.

To restore America we need to restore the economic model in which Americans are seen owners, and not just highly paid workers who consume too much.

I am deeply disturbed to see the Romney campaign pursuing a flawed economic vision.

Republicans failed to engage in a substantial debate about economic reform. As Republicans are pushing a failed economic vision, they are setting up the whole freedom movement for failure.

Contrary to what modern Republicans think, the American Experiment was not about creating powerful leaders. Americans rebelled against the highly centralized monarchy of Europe. Americans fought for the classical liberal concept of "self-rule."

Strong leaders set the people up for failure.

Historically, we find that the people diminish when they are placed under the yoke of a strong leader.

So, while I adore the great speeches being made at the Republican National Convention, I am praying for a split vote. Since the Republican establishment is setting up the freedom movement for failure, it would be better to lose the presidency in a split vote.

The American Experiment in self rule was one in which a limited government protected property rights. It was not an experiment in which a powerful leader created jobs for the people (who are nothing but mindless workers that consume too much.)

By making the promise that Mitt Romney will create millions of jobs sets the freedom movement up for failure.

On the bright side, if Romney loses in a split vote, both parties would engage in a four year discourse on freedom. The lame duck years of the Clinton administration were good for American. Obama's winning a lame duck term is better than a strong-armed Republican that will undermine the freedom movement at home and abroad.

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