Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Twitter Game

My twitter account flat-lined last month. Several hundred people blocked me for criticizing Occupy Wall Street.

Anyway, I ran JustUnfollow to clean up the account.

I noticed that my follow count is 9358. That is 642 short of the 10K milestone that separates the whales from the krill. If I follow 2000 people and a third follow back, I would hit the milestone.

So, today is 11/2/11 or 11022011. I updated my profile with a new link and will start a mass follow session. This takes me awhile because I actually read the first page of posts for each person I follow.

Because of my Community Color project, I will try to concentrate on people in Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

Because of the Medical Savings and Loan Project, I like to follow fellow free-marketeers.

Well, let the games begin. Reading 2000 pages of tweets will take some time, and it likely to blow up in my face with more blocks than new friends ... but the media is the message and on twitter one tweets.

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