Sunday, November 06, 2011

Restoring the Free Market

The small business community is falling apart because too many businesses and workers have fallen into an isolationist mindset.

Our progressive education taught us that competition is the foundation of the free market and that businesses in a free society are supposed to be in some sort of dysfunctional death struggle.

Progressives are the enemies of freedom. Progressives intentionally mislead the people in their unending grub for centralized power.

Competition is not the foundation of the free market. Freedom is the foundation of the free market.

To save the free market, concerned business leaders need to find ways to pull the large number of disenfranchised Americans out of their isolated holes and into active participation in the market.

Competition is not the foundation of the free market. The freedom to develop one's own personal relations is the foundation of the market.

In a fully actualized free market, people would end up with diverse relations in their career. They would know more than just the people in their company.

Freedom, not competition, is the foundation of the free market. As people want to make the most of their resources and relations, people end up competing in the ability to cooperate.

I've spent several thousand hours developing directories in the Community Color Brand to emphasize the need to establish more lateral links between businesses.

Businesses are unwilling to link to other businesses, the result is that the web is now being dominated by only a few companies.
Currently, we are stuck in the dystopia of the Organization man where most worker's professional network includes little more than subordinate relations to the bosses above and stressful relations with those below in a hierarchical organization chart.

My last post contrasted centralized and distributed networks. A true free market would look more like a distributed network. 

In a centralized network, you have the people above you and the people below you. One can transform a centralized network into a distributed network by creating more lateral links.

Social networking and link building can play a role in forming more lateral links. To re-establish the free market, we need to do more. We need to find ways to help people engage in business outside this top down structure being imposed on our society.

It is absurd to look to politics to save the free market. The one and only way to restore the free market is for business leaders to find ways to pull the disenfranchised out of the hole dug by progressives into a vibrant free market.

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