Friday, November 25, 2011

Reverse Incentives

Looks like Black Friday will not put me in the black. The sites went down yesterday and didn't come back until early this morning.

Due to web outages, the income from my web site has been decimated.

What is interesting is that I find I find myself working harder because of the drop in income than I would if my income had increased.

If times were better, I would be relaxing in the good times.

Labor seems to work in the opposite direction from capital. When markets are week, people remove their capital from the market, but they start working harder and harder.

Clearly, labor does not have the same regulatory mechanism as capital.

A balanced economy neither overemphasizes labor nor capital.

Well, because my income is down, I need to end this post on a commercial note; So, on a commercial note: here is a deal sheet for Salt Lake.

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