Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LPAC 2011

I bought an advance ticket to LPAC 2011 several months back.

My hope for attending the event was to find people interested in Health Freedom and the Medical Savings and Loan.

Since buying the tickets, I hit an elk and spent every last dime on car repairs.

To make matters worse, two of my webhosts had catastrophic failures destroying my income for the months of August and September. Essentially, I am down two grand because of the faults.

The hotel and gas for the drive to Reno is an additional $250.00.

I watched the Republican debate last night. The debate showed people consumed with partisan bickering. The candidates made a few good points, but failed to address the issues in a substantive manner.

Although each of the candidates were good at partisan bickering and talking points, nothing about the debate made me feel that Republicans were poised to restore our health freedom.

As health freedom is the single most important issue of our generation, I decided that I needed to go to LPAC with the faint hope of finding a person or group interested in health freedom.

It is so idiotic. If Republicans were discussing the ideas of liberty rather than posturing to see who is the "most conservative," the Republicans would win the 2012 election hands down.

As it stands, I see little hope for the future. Republicans will tear each other apart grubbing for power.

I wish Conservatives understood, one cannot restore liberty through reaction alone. One must actually discuss ideas.

I will be heading off to Reno tomorrow, but am feeling glum about the whole thing. I fear I will see nothing but political posturing and come back with nothing but empty talking points.

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