Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back from the LPAC Conference

I got back from the LPAC Conference by the Campaign for Liberty. I hope that the organization is able to grow this conference each year. America really needs more educational events about the Constitution with a focus on liberty.

The major political parties all have different takes on liberty. Modern Liberals emphasize an image of liberty backed by a Hegelian/Marxist dialectic.

Conservatives seek to conserve the social order that had evolved in the classical liberal tradition. In their bid to preserve social order, conservatives are often the worst enemies of freedom.

The Reactionary Right believes that it defends liberty by knee-jerk reaction to whatever crazy ideas spew out of the progressive camp. The reactionary right is simply a manageable tool tweeked every so often by the radical left.

Ultimately the defense of liberty will come from people who are directly engaged in a discussion of liberty.

I got the feeling that many of the participants were people like me who've spent their whole lives on the marginal fringes of society because they have the audacity to support the Constitution and the vision of the US Founders.

Unfortunately, in the months leading to the conference, I was plagued by a long series of programs at two different web hosts that prevented me from preparing for the convention.

I had really wanted to draw people into a discussion about "Health Freedom and the Medical Savings and Loan." But I was not able to create a call for action with a web site.

On the money side of things. I hit an elk during an ill timed trip to Denver. Two trips and an accident have wiped me out financially.

The only way to get the Medical Savings and Loan before the public is to make trips like this.

I spent the morning adding advertisers to the Community Color sites. I get a fair amount of Salt Lake Haunted Houses. Hopefully, I could sell a costume or two.

I put up some poster stores. I get about $1 for every thousand page views. I hope to get 50,000 page views.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a revenue source that is not marginal.

The only way to get interest in Health Liberty and the Medical Savings and Loan is to go to things and pound the idea until people start accepting the idea that group funding of individual consumption is a problem. To accomplish this task, I need to be aggressive both on pushing the idea and scraping what ever marginal sources of income I can find.

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