Monday, September 19, 2011

Applause for Herman Cain

A few months ago, Herman Cain was a strong advocate of the Fair Tax.

There is a strong case to move from an income tax to a consumption.

However, I dislike the Fair Tax (a national sales tax) because it would make America's small businesses the nation's tax collectors. Small businesses have enough to worry about without adding micromanagement by the IRS.

In recent interviews, Mr. Cain is a strong advocate of a new plan called the 999 Tax.

Personally, I am trilled to see Mr. Cain change his position.

The executive is the person who administers the decisions made by Congress. The Constitution makes the Legislature the the decider and the executive the doer.

The doer needs to become an advocate of the decisions of Congress.

A fault of the Community Organizer Barack Obama is that he does not support ideas that fall outside of his ideological spectrum. Having a mixed Congress with Barack Obama as president is painful.

In contrast Bill Clinton was much more successful in that he did a better job supporting the compromises that came from Congress.

I believe Ron Paul is correct in his view of politics the Constitution and all.

Dr Paul has been such a strong supporter of Constitutionally restricted government that I am left in doubt that he would support an Unconstitutional Laws passed by Congress ... which is problematic.

If Dr. Paul really understood the Constitution then he would recognize that that the Constitution makes the legislature the decider.

If the legislature passes a law that the Supreme Court holds as Constitutional, then the executive must support that law ... even despite the fact that Doctor Paul holds the correct view of the Constitution.

So much of the mess today is the result of emperor-like presidents imposing their interpretations of the Constitution.

Even when the president holds the correct view of the Constitution, the Constitution does not give the president the authority to act like an emperor.

That Mr. Cain was a strong supporter of the Fair Tax and is now making a strong case for the 999 Tax tells me that he would be an executive who would be a strong administer of any good new taxation structure.

(PS: I am blogging about the Utah Legal Tender Act on the site Utah Gold.)

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